Camp packages provide an easy, all-inclusive solution for camp directors looking to level up their camp experiences.

We provide everything you need to offer engaging, STEM-based camp topics, including trained staff, supplies, equipment, and engaging marketing materials you can use to recruit participants.

What’s Included

Camp packages provide everything necessary to recruit participants and offer the topic session(s) you choose, including:

• camp descriptions, engaging ad copy, vibrant photos, and social media posts
• a trained staff member to lead the topic session
• all necessary supplies & equipment


Camp package pricing is customized based on your unique camp structure. Cost primarily depends on the length of each topic session we offer. On average our camp packages cost about $50-$75/hour of instruction.

Topic Sessions

VR Expeditions

We’ll take campers on virtual expeditions all over the world (and beyond), giving them immersive educational experiences unlike anything they’ve done before. In addition to virtual reality component, all expeditions include real-life activities to support & deepen learning. Ideal for ages 5+

In this camp package, campers explore architectural wonders, ancient ruins, world-famous museums, and even outer space!

VR Design Studio

Create like never before! Explore Virtual Reality (VR) using award-wining programs like Tiltbrush, Fantastic Contraptions, and Minecraft to create works of art, complex machines, and entire worlds. In addition to VR experiences, this topic includes real-life activities to support & deepen camper creativity. Ideal for ages 8+

In this camp package, campers learn about a new virtual reality application each of the first half of camp, then use their favorites to create, create, create in the second half.

Traveling Lab - Robotics Camp girl with robot.JPG

Robotics Challenge

Campers will be presented with a variety of exciting “mission briefs” that challenge them to design, build, and program a LEGO® robot to solve increasingly complex problems. Popular mission briefs include Mars Landing, Deep Sea Dive, Natural Disaster Relief, and Food Security. We can even create custom mission briefs to align with your camp themes! Ideal for ages 8+

In this camp package, campers learn how to build and program a LEGO® robot, then work in teams to create and test a variety of challenge solutions throughout the week.


Plan, shoot, and edit a cinematic masterpiece! First, campers learn about a variety of film genres (action, comedy, etc). Then they use different film styles and effects (like live-action & stop-motion video, green screens, and editing techniques) to create their own films to share at the final day’s Film Premier Event. Ideal for ages 6+

In this camp package, campers learn about narrative, genre, stop-motion, live action, green screens, and editing effects, then apply that learning to create several micro-films and a short feature film.


LEGO® Extravaganza

This is the perfect experience for younger campers who love building LEGO® creations. Throughout the week, campers design and build a variety of unique structures to solve challenges, create cities together, and simply have fun engaging in open-ended creative play! Ideal for ages 4+

In this camp package, campers learn about principals of architecture and engineering, storytelling, teamwork, and have opportunities to build positive social skills.